In this course I teach how to paint in the style of the old masters, by painting two portraits of the great painter Sandro Botticelli. I explain the process step by step, from how to do the underpainting on a white gessoed surface, to painting the various layers of shadow and light and thus reveal the volume and beauty of a painted portrait, and to its completion with painting hair and clothes. Along I share information on the appropriate pigments and brushes, and the use and treatment of color. You will understand how the palette of a painter works and what are some best practices when we are in the studio. This course will teach you how to paint amazing portraits by using this technique, and thus enrich your artistic skills. By the end of this course you will be able to understand the concepts of painting in a rich visually style and apply these techniques not only on paintings referring directly to the old masters, but also to your own artistic practice. This course will help you understand what visual interest/richness means when we are painting portraits and give you the keys to achieve this level of expertise yourselves. I use and extensively describe the performance of egg tempera, but this course can be absolutely work perfectly for artists who use acrylics or gouache as their medium.

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Discover this amazing technique to paint beautiful, realistic portraits like the Masters